Friction Bolts Split Sets

Split set stabilizers also known as friction bolts or friction stabilizers. Friction bolts increase rock stability and a factor of safety by tightening in the event of lateral formation movement. Split rock bolts and accessories are widely used for rib bracing in metal bearing mining operations, coal operations, shafts, tunnelling and slope stability.

How split sets rock bolts work

Friction bolts mining from JiuFu are rock bolts with only 2 parts, a tube and matching domed bearing plate. The high strength steel tube is slotted along its length. One end is tapered for easy insertion into a drill hole and the other has a welded ring flange to hold the bearing plate.With the bearing plate installed, drive the tube into a slightly smaller hole using the same standard hammer drill you used to drill. As the rock bolt tube is slid into place, the full length of the slot narrows, causing radial pressure to be exerted on the rock over its entire contact length. 

Features of friction bolts mining

1. The friction bolt is made of high-strength steel pipe with a groove along its entire length.

2. Weld a ring or collar on the outer end to secure the dome plate to the rock face. Improve rock stability and safety.

3. Fast and easy installation of our friction rock bolts reduces anchoring costs.

4. Friction bolts mining can be load tested by installing a special ring on the bolt before installation. A pull test can then be performed using a hollow plunger hydraulic jack.

5. Hot dip galvanized and stainless steel can provide further corrosion protection.

6. Quality Assurance in the Underground Mining Products Division in accordance with ISO,SGS,CE certification.

7. Wholesale friction rock bolts (split set bolts) are manufactured to the highest quality standards. This is achieved through exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures.

Friction bolts mining accessories

  • Astrolabe

  • Dome plate

  • Butterfly

  • Pull tab

Supporting materials for coal mining, construction engineering and large-scale concrete projects include:

Rock bolt installation

1. Drill holes.

2. Replace the drill steel with the drive tool.

3. Slide the plate onto the tube.

4. Drive the pipe with the drill.

With quality assured products, factory supply price and careful after-sale service, millions of mining split sets are used around the world,like Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Congo (DRC), Guinea, Russia, Zimbabwe etc. No matter underground or above ground, JiuFu can give you reliable ground support and safety operation! For detailed information and custom service, welcome to contact us!