Butterfly Rock Bolt Volcano Plate

The function of the Butterfly Rock Bolt Volcano Plate is to transmit the thrust generated by the locking torque of the nut to the top side to generate the initial anchor force, and at the same time to transmit the pressure of the top side of the roadway to the bolt to generate working resistance, strengthen the surrounding rock together

Product Description

When choosing a pallet, firstly, it is necessary to meet the strength matching between the anchor pallet and the anchor rod body, so as to avoid the phenomenon of anchor rod perforation caused by insufficient strength of the anchor rod pallet. The second is to meet the matching of the anchor rod tray and the anchor rod body on the supporting structure, so as to avoid uneven force on the anchor rod body and nut due to the mismatch between the anchor rod rod body and the tray on the supporting structure, which will affect the support of the roadway. protection effect.


Volcano plates are normally used with Resin Bolts

Dome Plates allow bolts to be installed on greater angles of alignment to the rock surface using dome ball washers

Corrosion protection may be provided by hot dip galvanizing

Additional plate sizes can be manufacture to individual specifications as required


Volcano Plates are packed individually and then palletized to customer Requirements

Designed for used with domed barrel and wedge for better alignment with non-axial installation

Optional grout indicator slots

Available as plain or with hot dip galvanised corrosion protection 

Butterfly Rock Bolt Volcano Plate