There are several types of rock bolts used for rock anchoring

Dec. 08, 2021

Present-day processes for mining and tunneling look little like they did back in the late 1800s. Once steel became available, this became the primary means for support. There have been many improvements and advancements to make mining, road building, and tunneling safer. One such improvement has been the use of rock bolts.

Rock bolting helps with corrosion protection to stabilize rock so that it will not fracture or collapse on workers, travelers, or adventurers. Today, there are many applications of rock bolting. In addition to mining and tunneling, these bolts are used in concrete dams, bridge abutments, rock cliffs, steep slopes, and stabilizing road cuts.

At present, there are many types of anchor rods used for support. According to the anchoring length between them and the supported body, they can be divided into concentrated anchor type anchor rods and full-length anchor type anchor rods. Concentrated Anchor Bolt refers to the bolt in which only part of the bolt device and the rod body is in contact with the wall of the bolt hole. Including end anchoring, point anchoring and partial anchoring, etc.; full-length anchoring type anchors refer to anchoring devices or anchor rods that are in contact with the wall of the anchor hole over the entire length of the anchor rod, including various friction anchors, Full-length mortar bolts, resin bolts and cement bolts, etc.

According to the anchoring method of the anchor rod, it can be divided into two types: mechanical anchoring type and bonding anchoring type. The anchoring device or the anchor rod body is in contact with the hole wall, and the anchor rod is anchored by friction, which belongs to the mechanical anchoring type anchor rod; Anchor rods that are bonded and fixed to the wall of the anchor rod hole, and anchored by the bonding force, belong to the bonded anchor rod.

Construction method of rock bolt

Step 1 - Drill Your Hole

Step 2 - Inject Grout

Step 3 - Insert Threaded Sheathed Rock Anchors

Step 4 - Install Bearing Plate

Step 5 - Tension the Anchor Appropriately

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