Concrete Rebar Centralizer

Concrete Rebar Centralizer help reduce the amount of time you spend installing centralizers on your rebar or soil nails.

By using Concrete Rebar Centralizer, you save 15 to 20 seconds per centralizer, this can save up to 5 days of labor hours per project!

Product Description

We specialize in the manufacture of PVC centralizers and cast iron centralizers in a variety of sizes and dimensions, and can be customized accordingly to your requirements.

The cast iron positioner is more convenient to use and has a higher degree of stress. According to the need for no steel bars, the centralizers with different outer diameters can be customized to produce

Concrete Rebar Centralizer


Concrete Rebar Centralizer is the most efficient soil nail & rebar alignment support in the excavation and foundation construction industry! Our centralizer holds the rebar centered inside the bore/drill hole while allowing the proper coverage of grout or concrete to achieve the desired strength.

Concrete Rebar Centralizer