Passive Rod Anchor from Ribbed Reinforcing Bar

Rebar is the common name for hot-rolled ribbed steel bars. Usually has 2 longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length. Due to the role of ribs, ribbed steel bars have a greater bonding capacity with concrete and therefore can better withstand external forces. Ribbed steel bars are widely used in various building structures, especially large, heavy, and high-rise building structures.

Product Description

"Equal-strength rebar-type resin anchor metal rod body" is usually called "right-hand anchor rod. Rebar is widely used in the construction of houses, bridges, roads and other civil engineering projects. It ranges from highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, etc. Public facilities such as flood control and dams, as well as the foundations, beams, columns, walls, plates, and rebar of house buildings are all indispensable structural materials.JF type anchor bolts use steel bars as load-bearing elements and have metric threads on one side. Jiufu Tie Anchors are used in more demanding, steeper terrain and in tunnel construction. It can be installed on dirt and rocky terrains (tunnels, slope stabilization, various fixtures). Geotechnical anchoring is a construction technique used to increase and maintain geotechnical stability. Anchors are obtained when suitable threads are cold rolled on the ribbed reinforcement bar on one side. The base plate is made of flat steel (flat steel). Hex nuts are non-standard with standard metric threads and are specially manufactured on CNC machines made of hex materials.


The anchor consists of the following elements:

1. Anchor rod: Reinforcing ribbed rod, different nominal diameter (eg 25, 28, 32 mm).

2. Nuts: Machined from hexagonal steel.

3. Base plates: Produced on a press from flat steel.

4. Distancer (centralizer).


1. Cutting:

The rebar should first be cut to the appropriate size based on the required length. When cutting rebar, you must use appropriate tools and equipment and keep the blade sharp to ensure smooth cuts and dimensional accuracy.

2. Drilling:

When rebar needs to be fixed to a concrete structure, it is necessary to drill holes and install the rebar. When drilling, you should choose an appropriate drill bit and keep the drill bit clean and sharp to ensure the accuracy and quality of drilling.

3. Thread processing:

Threading is required when connecting rebar to other rebar. When processing threads, appropriate processing equipment should be selected and kept clean and sharp to ensure that the threads are accurate and locked firmly.

4. Connect:

When connecting rebar, attention should be paid to the tightness of the connection to ensure a firm and stable connection. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the quality and properties of the connection materials and the appropriate connection method should be selected.

5. Concrete pouring:

When the rebar is fixed on the concrete structure, the concrete should be poured in time, and attention should be paid to the pouring method and pouring quality of the concrete during pouring to ensure the firmness and stability of the concrete.


1. Widely used: 

It is widely used in the fields of building construction and decoration. It has high hardness and good durability. It can improve the wear resistance of screw connections to a large extent and can effectively avoid damage to the connecting threads.

2. Good shock resistance and high firmness: 

Even when it is subjected to strong vibration, its screws will not loosen, and the process performance is better than that of ordinary locking devices. This is because the locking wire thread sleeve can Lock the screw into the threaded hole.

3. Wear resistance: 

It is commonly used in connection parts that are frequently disassembled or constructed. Its use can greatly increase the service life of threads, enhance connection strength, and improve connection conditions. It can increase the stress surface and is used in locations that require strong connection strength but cannot increase the diameter of the screw hole.

4. Good anti-loosening effect: 

Suitable for spacecraft and other products that require high insurance coefficients.

Jiufu Passive Rod Anchor from Ribbed Reinforcing BarPassive Rod Anchor from Ribbed Reinforcing Bar