Coal mine roof bolts

Anchor rod is a kind of soil nail or anchor bolt for drilling. It is used when the ground to be stabilized is mainly composed of rock material. In tunneling and underground mining, steel rods are inserted into the holes in the roof or wall of the rock formation to provide support for the roof or the side of the cavity.

Product Description

Mining roof bolts compress potentially unstable connections or fractured rock masses with bearing panels that provide passive resistance to form a more stable structural entity.

For many years, anchor rods have been used as temporary roof supports in the mining industry and tunnel construction, and are now commonly used to stabilize roadbeds, rock cliffs, steep slopes, bridge abutments and reinforced concrete dams.

The mechanics principle of the anchor rod and the anchor rod are the same, but they are used for soft soil and rock respectively. Bolts and rock bolts are active reinforcement elements designed to anchor and stabilize the rock mass during tunnel excavation. In the case of rock mass movement, the bolt will generate a binding force, which is transmitted back to the rock mass. In this way, the driving force is offset so that the total resistance to mobilization in the rock is equal to the applied force.

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Mechanical properties of hot-rolled ribbed bars
GradeYielded Strength(MPa)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation A(%)


The length and spacing of roof bolts can be changed according to the reinforcement requirements. Commonly used models are divided into left-handed and right-handed threads.


Bearing plate, Nut, Domed Ball, Anti-friction Washer

Coal mine roof bolts