Advantages and Application Prospect of Self-drilling Hollow Bolt Support

Jul. 29, 2022

Self-drilling hollow anchor is composed of hollow anchor body, drill bit, nut, cushion plate, centering device and connecting sleeve, which is widely used in geotechnical anchoring engineering all over the world.

What are the advantages of self-drilling hollow bolt support?

What is the application prospect of self-drilling hollow anchor in the field of geotechnical Anchorage in China?

Next, we will take you to understand the above two aspects of the situation.

Advantages and Application Prospect of Self-drilling Hollow Bolt Support

T76 Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Let's first take a look at the construction of ordinary hollow anchors.

Because the ordinary hollow bolt does not have the drilling function, it must be drilled with a rock drill, then washed clean, inserted into the ordinary hollow bolt, and then connected with the grouting machine for grouting Anchorage.

Compared with the ordinary hollow anchor, the self-drilling hollow anchor integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring, and the grouting + anchoring process can be completed at one time.

The self-drilling hollow anchor rod has several advantages, such as improving drilling efficiency, shortening the construction period, reducing the comprehensive cost of the project, and so on. At the same time, because the self-drilling anchor rod can be cut arbitrarily or connected with length, it can be constructed in a relatively narrow space, which enhances the applicability of the self-drilling hollow anchor rod.

The application of self-drilling hollow anchor can be seen in many foreign projects, but it is still rare in China.

So, what fields are self-drilling hollow bolts used in foreign countries?

What is the application prospect of self-drilling hollow anchor in China?

As far as we know, the applications of self-drilling hollow bolts abroad are mainly distributed in the following three fields:

1. Foundation and foundation engineering:

Foundation pit support, pile foundation support, micro-pile, foundation reinforcement and repair, retaining wall reinforcement, anti-floating anchor, building foundation underpinning, road widening foundation reinforcement, etc.


2. Tunnel and underground engineering:

Pipe shed advance support, system support, foot locking support, radial support, roof support, etc.


3. Slope engineering:

Slope support, high slope protection, embankment protection, etc.

In China, there are many cases in which self-drilling hollow bolt is used as advance support of tunnel pipe shed, but its application in other aspects is very rare, so it can be seen that the application of self-drilling hollow bolt in China is in the experimental stage.


The self-drilling bolt developed and produced by Jiufu has been successfully applied in many tunnel pipe shed support and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

At present, China is in the stage of rapid development, infrastructure can be seen everywhere, and the demand for self-drilling hollow anchor will be increasing.

As a new anchoring technology, self-drilling hollow bolt will be widely used in geotechnical anchoring industry because of its reliable supporting effect, low labor intensity and wide range of application.

Advantages and Application Prospect of Self-drilling Hollow Bolt Support

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