Self Drilling Rock Anchor Bolt

Dec. 27, 2021

Self Drilling Rock Anchor Bolt are special type of rod anchors. Self-drilling anchor consists of a sacrificial drill bit, hollow steel bar of the appropriate outer and inner diameter and coupling nuts.The anchor body is made of a hollow steel tube with an outer round thread. Steel tube has the sacrificial drill bit at one end and the corresponding nut with a steel end plate.Self drilling anchors are used in a way that hollow steel bar (rod) has a corresponding sacrificial drill bit on its top instead of a classic drill bit.

Self-drilling anchor bolts are an anchoring solution suitable for unstable ground conditions (such as sand, gravel, silt and clay) and soft to moderately cracked rock formations. For projects facing such ground conditions, self-drilling anchors should be regarded as the main productivity solution.

Self-Drilling Anchor Bolts include:

A hex nut

A load-bearing board

Extension coupling, if the anchor consists of multiple Anchor rod parts

Hollow anchor

Sacrifice bit

Galvanized anchor

Coupling box


Installation of Self Drilling Rock Anchor

The hollow steel bar is driven to the required depth by means of rotary percussive drilling. Injection is carried out through hollow steel bar. Injection mixture flows through the holes at the sacrificial drill bit and automatically stabilizes the drilled hole. Injection ends when the mixture begins to exit from drilled hole. The cement grout is most often used for injection of self-drilling anchor. The usual water-cement ratio ranges from 0,40 to 0,50.We carry acomprehensive range of various self drilling rock bolts; generally speaking, we have two categories as below:

R25N, R32L,R32N, R32S, R38N,R51N, T76N, T76S, T111N, T111S;

T30/16,T30/14,T40/16,T40/20,T52/26,T73/53,T73/45,T73/35,T103/78,T103/51;All self drilling rock bolts can be manufactured in different lengths, like 2 meters, 3 meters, 4meters, 6 meters or 9 meters. Both left hand thread and right hand thread areavailable upon customer’s request.Besides, we alsosupply a complete range of accessories, including coupling sleeves, steelplates, nuts, centralizers, and various anchor bits.

Advantages of self-drilling rock anchoring system

Our self-drilling rock anchoring system has the following advantages:

Each of our anchor rods are made of high-quality steel and the most advanced technology to ensure that our quality meets international standards or even better.

The self-drilling bolt system does not require casing drilling, and can complete drilling, grouting and anchoring at the same time.

Self-drilling anchor rods can be used for temporary support as well as permanent support in various applications such as tunnel support, micro-pile, and soil nailing.

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