What is the Maximum Spacing of Anchor Bolts?

Nov. 08, 2022

Typically, information on the spacing of the anchor bolts will be included in your construction drawing set. If you do not have a set of drawings to use, you will need to refer to your local building code for information.

What is the Maximum Spacing of Anchor Bolts?cid=4

According to the International Building Code (IBC), the maximum spacing allowed for exterior wood baseboards and threshold plates supported directly on masonry or concrete foundations is 6 feet (1829 m) on center. For buildings over two stories in height, the maximum spacing is reduced to 4 feet (1219 mm) on center.

Two bolts are required for each slab section. One bolt should be no more than 12 inches (305 m) or less than 4 inches (102 m) from each end of the slab section. In addition, the bolts should be placed within the middle third of the plate width.

Remember, these are minimum requirements, i.e., no more than the spacing. It is usually good practice to allow for some margin of error and to increase the number of bolts used (and decrease the spacing) based on these figures. This is especially true in seismic areas.

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