Self-drilling anchor systems and Self Drilling Anchor Bolt parts like hollow bar & rod, threaded rods, tie rods, coil rods, anchor couplers, anchor adapters, anchor nuts, drilling bits Forepoling Drilling System, Tunnel Forepoling, Rock Drilling Systems, Pipe Roofing Solutions, Umbrella Pipe Roofing Systems, Tunnel Pipe Umbrella, Plain Washers, Spring Washers etc become extremely popular for rebar substitutes, soil nails, dowels, micro piles and prestressed anchors.

JiuFu is a manufacturer of Under Ground Support Systems for the Minining Industry. Providing safe, economical and efficient solutions for underground mining support.

Mining support products from Jiufu are easy to operate, meet the requirements of safety and quality, specially suitable for mining and tunnel construction. If you are looking for wholesale mining support products to increase value, maximize returns and reduce overall project costs. Please contact us for detailed information!