R51L R51N Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

The purpose of rock support and reinforcement is to ensure excavations remain safe and open for their intended life span. The effectiveness of a reinforcement strategy is important for two main reasons: these being safety to personnel and equipment, and achievement of the most economical access to extract ore.

Product Description

Including the choice of supporting materials become very important, a good product can not only accelerate the construction speed, will to a large extent to ensure the safety of personnel, self-drilling bolt of rock bolting, by drilling hole grouting, can realize the function of anchorage, this is a very advanced anchorage system at present, can be used in different construction environment, and improve the construction speed.

Application of R thread self drilling anchor bolt:

1. R thread self drilling anchor bolt is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground.

2. Used for permanent support for tunneling.

3. In slope stabilization, rock bolts and soil nails can be used to maintain and strengthen soil and rock.

4. Used for micro pile reinforcement. Micro pile can transmit structural load to foundation, and then limit the deformation of buildings.

5. Drill bits can be used for differently according to the rock conditions.

R51 Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt System
Outside Diameter(mm)3232
Internal Diameter(mm)3633
Cross Sectional Area(mm²)713993
Ultimate Load(KN)550800
Yield Load(KN)450630
Thread TypeISO10208
Type of SteelEN10083-1
Thread(Left/Right hand)Left or Right
Optional of Anti-corrosionHot-Dipped Galvanization
Epoxy Coating
Key Size(mm)75
Thread TypeISO10208
Type of Steel45#
Unit Weight(kg)1.5
Thread(Left/Right hand)Left or Right
Optional of Anti-corrosionHot-Dipped Galvanization
Epoxy Coating
Hole Diameter(mm)41
Unit Weight(kg)3.6
Optional of Anti-corrosionHot-Dipped Galvanization
Epoxy Coating
Outside Diameter(mm)90
Hole Diameter(mm)60
Type of Steel45#
Unit Weight(kg)0.36


1. Casing free in the operation. Anchor bar is also a drill pipe which is convenient and time-saving.

2. Drilling and grouting can be done simultaneously. With good grouting spread radius and reliable anchoring quality, fractures can be filled effectively.

3. The anchor bar with standard full thread can be cut according to your requirement. The cut anchor bars can be connected by couplers. It's suitable in narrow work space.

4. Due to the continuous R-thread and T-thread, self drilling anchor bolt has higher bonding stress.

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Supporting materials for coal mining, construction engineering and large-scale concrete projects include:


R51L R51N Self Drilling Anchor Bolt