W-section steel straps for coal mine

W-section steel straps for coal mine 

1.high-stength alloy material 

2.higher rigidity and strength 

3.higher bending ability

W-section steel straps for coal mine

Product Description


“W” Strap is commonly used when additional support is required in conjunction with mesh and rock bolts. These steel straps are pulled into the rock surface by the bolts and tend to conform to the rock

“W” Strap provide a large surface to confine any loose rock that may form between installed rock

“W” Strap have a range of supply options being:-

Multi-hole (300mm apart) centers or “Set Holes” to suit individual

Note that 50mm hole diameter is standard, other hole diameters are available by

Domed Plates of Flat Plates can be supplied welded to individual holes along the “W” strap as required for an additional

Steel Mesh sheets can be supplied welded to the underside of these “W” Straps also at a additional

Corrosion protection may be provided by hot dip galvanizing (Galvanized “W” Strap is also available as required.



290280170501.94.5AS/NZS1594180 kN


Introduction  of  W-section steel belt :

W-section steel belt is a new kind of mine coal roof  support material .this products are used with all kinds of rock bolt together to make a kind of roof support under the coal mine. This kind of combination make those rock bolt that dispersive that connect together to form a whole bearing structure. W-section steel belt is also called roof steel strap ,is made from high strength alloy through cold pressing .W-section steel belt is widely used underground coal mine roadway, working surface to cut the eye, cave chamber tunnel and other roadway support, especially to deal with those instability surrounding rock having very good function .