Mine Welded Mesh

Welded mesh is an industrial material that is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire. The surface anti-corrosion of welded mesh can be divided into hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, PVC coating, dipping, spraying, etc.; it has extremely strong anti-corrosion properties. Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Welded mesh has a wide range of uses and can be used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, etc.

Product Description

Mine welding wire support mesh is a common and widely used type of coal mine support mesh. It is an efficient and energy-saving support network. Using thicker steel wire or steel bars as materials, the electric welded mesh is spot welded into a tough square mesh structure. Compared with woven meshes such as chain link fence, strong welded joints provide double protection for tunnels. In addition, the sturdy structure improves stability and safety. It can make construction faster and easier. Welded mesh can be used in shotcrete applications, making construction faster, easier, and safer. Welded steel mesh is not only suitable for steel bar connections in ordinary building structures, but can also be used in large buildings such as bridges and tunnels, and can play a role in various complex environments.


Welded mesh is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire.

Among them, low carbon steel wire is a kind of metal wire made of iron. The composition of iron wire varies according to its use. It contains: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. There are many types of welded mesh, including: ordinary steel welded mesh, high-strength steel welded mesh, stainless steel welded mesh, square steel welded mesh, hexagonal steel welded mesh, circular steel welded mesh, etc. Welded mesh is often used to reinforce and support structures such as concrete slabs, beams, and columns.


1. Preparation work: Before using welded steel mesh, you must first make preparations. Materials that need to be prepared include steel wire, welding gun, power supply, protective gloves, etc.

2. Clean the surface: Before using welded steel mesh, you need to clean the surface to be welded. Make sure the surface is clean and free of oil and dirt to improve welding quality.

3. Cut the steel bars: Cut the steel bars to the appropriate length according to the required size and shape.

4. Build a bracket: Before welding, a bracket needs to be built to place the steel bars to be welded. This makes it easy to operate and ensures that the steel bars will not move.

5. Welding: Place the cut steel bars on the bracket and use a handheld soldering iron or arc welding gun to weld. It should be noted that the hand should be kept steady when welding, and the angle between the welding gun and the steel bar should be appropriate to avoid affecting the welding quality.

6. Check the quality: After the welding is completed, the solder joints need to be inspected. If any looseness or defects are found, they need to be repaired in time.

7. Carry out anti-corrosion treatment: In order to extend the service life of the welded steel mesh, it is recommended to carry out anti-corrosion treatment after the welding is completed. You can use methods such as spray painting or applying preservatives.

8. Installation and use: After the above steps, the welded steel mesh can be installed and used. Depending on specific needs, it can be used for various purposes such as strengthening building structures and making guardrails.


1. High precision and small tolerance.

2. Made of high-strength steel wire.

3. There are multiple configurations and sizes to choose from.

4. Sturdy structure and long service life.

5. Easy to install and replace, reducing labor costs.

6. Suitable for shotcrete applications.

7. Used in loose strata to avoid falling rocks.

8. Available in galvanized or heavily galvanized finishes for improved corrosion resistance.

9. Improve construction efficiency: As a construction auxiliary tool, welded steel mesh can help workers complete the layout of steel bars more quickly, greatly saving construction time.

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